Our approach

We support ambitious growth strategies to promote high-quality jobs in our regions as well as carbon efficiency. We implement the best digital solutions for this purpose, with a view to competitiveness and economic performance.



Founded in 1984, R&D Group (Folan) is specialized inthe design and manufacture of equipment and solutions for fibre optic networks.

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Groupe AET Technologies

Founded in 1994, AET Technologies Group develops and manufatures solutions for the elaboration, transformation, characterisation and recycling of materials for industry and research.

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Founded in 1956, DBC co-develops, manufactures and assembles high-precision mechanical pieces.

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Founded in 1991, Eldim designs and manufactures display technologies and metrology systems for consumer product applications.

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 Founded in 1980, Chamatex Group is a fully integrated textile manufacturer “from yarn to product”.

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Founded in 1885, Wattelez is specialized in equipment for the protection of people, buildings and manufacturing units.

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Since 1972, SEDI-ATI is specialized in the design and custom manufacture of fiber optic-based passive components for complex and extreme environments.

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FHE Group

FHE Group designs, integrates and markets solutions to optimize energy consumption and offer self-production for individual and collective housing.

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BH Technologies

BH Technologies designs hardware and software systems for the public lighting and waste collection management markets.

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We have supported…

RECIF Technologies

Founded in 1982, Recif Technologies designs and manufactures robots for handling silicon wafers in clean-rooms.

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For environmental, social, economical and financial value creation

We believe that carbon efficiency can improve economic performance by meeting the needs of customers and end-users who are increasingly concerned about climate impact.

It is no longer a constraint or optional, but a key driver of business and economic value creation. This sustainable growth creates qualified and fulfilling jobs.

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