Yotta, 1st private equity investor dedicated to Smart Industry

Building together
the future of manufacturing industry

The 4th industrial revolution

has started

Billion of connected objects by 2030
Terabytes of new data generated daily
$ billion invested each year in Industry 4.0
of 2030 jobs don’t exist yet

Main driver of upcoming world
economic growth

Digitalisation and connectivity, robotics, additive manufacturing, intelligent materials, virtual reality, internet of things, artificial intelligence… So many technologies which are going to revolutionize manufacturing processes in the next 15 years.

An innovative manufacturing industry

efficient, flexible, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable

A mega trend with major economic, social and environmental issues:

  • manufacturing processes development

  • jobs and organizational transformation

  • savings in natural resources

  • value chain redesign

innovative manufactury
yotta capital

Our mission

finance and support French-based performing and environment-friendly industrial SMEs

There are more than 35 000 manufacturing companies in France, representing 80% of domestic R&D and 75% of exports.
80% wish to embark on a significative change of their business model.

Our Investment strategy

value creation

Investment focus

  • SME providing technological solutions in Smart industry

  • Industrial SME with a transformation strategy in Smart industry


  • Mobility
  • Electronics
  • Chemistry and materials
  • Capital goods

Company profiles

  • Profitable
  • Sales from 5 to 50 M€
  • Based in France

Type of transactions

  • Backing growth project
  • Equity stake from 1 to 10 M€
  • Expansion, buy-out…

Yotta Capital Partners,
1st French-based private equity team

dedicated to Smart Industry

A synergy of operational expertise and private equity competencies

Pierre Dejoux

Founding Partner

28 years leadership
in industry

Mob : +33 (0)6 34 11 21 20

Xavier Herrmann

Founding Partner

23 years in audit,
M&A advisory
and private equity

Mob : +33 (0)6 23 22 20 25

Benoît Perrot

Founding Partner

25 years in structured
finance and
private equity

Mob : +33 (0)6 82 94 23 41

Daniel Javed

Senior Investment Director

15 years in M&A
advisory and
corporate development

Mob : +33 (0)6 22 83 10 07

Contact us

Yotta Capital Partners
153 boulevard Haussmann
75008 PARIS

01 73 54 91 02